From Organizer Tiffany Coderre

Dominique Silva, was murdered by a Pawtucket police officer, four years ago. His family was only recently granted a police report due to the block from the City of Pawtucket denying the family access. Numerous statements made by police and city have been disproved in the police report. Joseph Farinelli, no policy or procedures were followed as it relates to his death and Pawtucket Police created their own narrative, without investigating or asking any questions. Suggesting that the detectives and officers involved were homophobic. His mother has been fighting for six year for answers and instead she gets harassed and bullied by the city and the the police Dept. Alex Pina, was killed last month and there is an ongoing investigation of a death caused by a horrific car/motorcycle accident, that appears to be a cover up of his death, with links to possible involvement between the driver of the car and multiple police law enforcement agencies including Pawtucket. Pawtucket police are known to cover up and lie to mislead investigations. Several members in the Pawtucket police department are know to retaliate, intimidate and bully members of the community. We must fight to end the corruption.

Sunday August 23, 2020 / 121 Roosevelt Avenue (Pawtucket Police Department) / Noon To 2PM






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