The Coalition’s Pat Ford met up with Dr. Luis Daniel Munoz, at Pawtucket’s newest political hotspot, Notes Coffee, on Armistice Boulevard.

The discussion centered around a subject, near & dear to The Coalition … Debate exclusion. Despite being included in, and some would argue, nearly dominating every forum, Candidate Munoz continues to receive the cold shoulder from Nextar-WPRI.

Central to his assertions? Nextar-WPRI were willing to provide exemptions to the exclusions listed below in the last election cycle, most notoriously, Spencer Dickinson, who failed to meet multiple stipulations. Even more importantly, Dr. Munoz points out the difficulties overcoming Gatekeepers, within the Minority Community, and Establishment Politics, in meeting the hurdles put in place.

Coalition Reporter Pat Ford reached out to Nextar/WPRI Channel 12 General Manager Patrick Wholey for comment. Mr. Wholey was not inclined to issue a formal statement, but did point out that Dr. Munoz was, as Dr. Munoz pointed out, given a 5 minute interview.

Nexstar Debate Criteria

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