Cranston City Council President Christopher Paplauskas  has called a Special Council Meeting for this evening, Monday, September 13, @ 8PM for the purpose of  a “Discussion with the Police Department Regarding License Plate – Camera Pilot Program”

The Cranston Police Department, apparently without the benefit of discussion/consultation with Town Government, authorized the installation of some 27 Flock License Plate Reader (LPR) Cameras, which, by statistics generated by the “Cranston Flock Transparency Portal” have performed over 2.4 million license plate searches in the last 30 days. (See Screen Shot Below)

From The Flock Safety Website:

“Capture the vehicle details you need to track leads and solve crime. Flock Safety’s patented Vehicle FingerprintTM technology lets you search by vehicle make, color, type, license plate, state of the license plate, missing plate, covered plate, paper plate, and unique vehicle details like roof racks, bumper stickers, and more.”


Among the concerns cited by the RI ACLU,

“In the absence of legislatively established limits on the use of the cameras, the privacy rights of the public remain at the absolute discretion of the police department and a private company, which can change their privacy guidelines at any time.”

See: ACLU Calls On Cranston, Pawtucket, & Woonsocket to Halt ALPR Camera Program

Hannah Stern – RI ACLU Joined The Coalition To Discuss:



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