Councilwomen Aniece Germain and Nirva LaFortune, in collaboration with the Hope and Change for Haiti- HnC, the Haitian American Partnership for Positive Action HAPPA-RI, along with many others Haitian leaders in Rhode Island hosted a press conference to call on the administration and Congress to take appropriate measures to ensure that Haitian people are treated with respect and dignity in the United States.

“What we saw at the border was cruel, inhumane, and beyond understanding. No policy can justify having patrols border agents on horseback, whipping poor Haitian people trying to seek refuge in the US. It is an affront to the values we hold dear as a nation” said, Cranston Councilwoman Aniece Germain.

This event aimed to demonstrate our discontent with the administration and let them know that Haitians are human beings. They should be treated with the same standards as they treat any other asylum seekers in the US.


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