Congressman Seth Magaziner

“I came to Washington to work with both parties to help working Rhode Islanders. Unfortunately, rather than choosing bipartisanship, House Republicans have instead doubled down on extremism. They have selected a Speaker in Mike Johnson who supports a nationwide abortion ban, cutting Social Security and Medicare, and plotted to overturn the results of a free and fair election when his candidate did not win. While I am disappointed in the election of this extreme Speaker, I will continue to advocate for Rhode Island values and policies to help working people get ahead.”


Congressional District 1 Democratic Nominee Gabe Amo

“While I hope that the new Speaker tries to govern in a bipartisan way, it is extremely disturbing that the consensus choice for House Republicans is an election denier, a supporter of a nationwide abortion ban, and an opponent of gay marriage — to name just a few of his extreme positions,” said Gabe Amo

“Rhode Islanders have a choice on November 7th between an experienced leader who is ready to lead in Congress from day one or a Republican who seeks to join the ranks of Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Marjorie Taylor Greene.“Voting is now underway at city and town halls. I’d encourage everyone to go to and make a plan to vote for #TeamGabe and stand against extreme Republicans in Washington.”


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