Gabe Amo Released The Following Statement After New Reporting Revealed Additional Instances of Fraud in McKee Administration’s Lt. Governor/Congressional Candidate Matos Campaign’s Signature Gathering

Gabe Amo released the following statement after news reports  revealed even more instances of fraud in the Matos campaign’s signature collection process.

“Today, I am urging the appropriate State of Rhode Island and law enforcement officials to launch a joint investigation into the signatures that Lt. Governor Matos’ campaign submitted.

“Our democracy is sacred. It is disheartening to think that the signatures of both dead and living Rhode Islanders have been forged on her papers in at least two of the 19 municipalities in the 1st Congressional District.

“There has been no accountability from the Lt. Governor.“It is shocking and disturbing that the Lt. Governor has not held a press conference to take questions directly from the press nor spoken directly to Rhode Islanders.

“These instances of election fraud are a distraction from the issues facing Rhode Islanders in this election for our next member of Congress.”

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Don Carlson’s Questions For Lt. Governor Sabina Matos

As RI Attorney General begins criminal investigation into Lt. Governor’s campaign practices, Carlson calls on Sabina Matos to answer key questions for Rhode Island voters

“Today, we learned the Attorney General’s office is working alongside the Jamestown Police Department on a criminal investigation into Lt. Governor Sabina Matos’ campaign. In light of the revelations that her campaign submitted forged signatures from deceased Jamestown residents, as well as the concerning new developments of forged signatures submitted in Newport, Lt. Governor Matos owes Rhode Islanders transparency. As a RI-01 voter, I’m left with the following questions for the Matos campaign:

  1. Who did your campaign hire to collect signatures, and what were their terms?

  2. What steps did your campaign take to safeguard the integrity of the signature collection process?

  3. Did you or anyone on your campaign have knowledge of the fraudulent signatures before they were submitted?

  4. Will you voluntarily release all notes, documents, and data collected by your campaign in connection with the signature collection and verification process?”

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