From The Lancia For Congress Campaign:

Retired Navy Chaplain and Republican Congressional Candidate, Robert “Bob” Lancia, has this to say about the ongoing discussions of Title 42 in Washington and across the nation:

“The United States of America is a sovereign nation based on laws set in place by elected members of Congress and signed into law by various Presidents over the centuries.

We must do all we can to protect this nation’s sovereignty and right to self-govern by enforcing laws that are in place and changing those that are no longer prudent or viable.

Legal immigration is strongly encouraged for those willing to come to the United States of America and add to the American fabric as new American citizens.

Illegal immigration threatens the health and economic security of this nation. This uncontrolled migration, which adversely and negatively taxes the budgets of the United States of America’s States and the United States of America’s federal government, requires this nation to provide services such as food, clothing, and healthcare. These surges we witness at the southern border, encouraged by the Biden Administration’s policies and inactions, which are not openly opposed by any RI CD2 congressional candidates besides me, shows an open contempt for the rule of law by disregarding the sovereignty and laws of this United States of America nation.

As the discussion over Title 42 rages on with no clear path forward, the Biden Administration already making exceptions to whom it applies to, the CDC and DOJ saying masks on planes and public transportation should still be worn, and the bipartisan calls for it not to be revoked grows, one must remember all the homeless American Citizens setting up tent city shelters which we all see on the news in Los Angeles and San Francisco and elsewhere around our nation. We have our own homeless issues here in Rhode Island with some citizens now being lodged in Warwick’s NYLO and American citizens begging for handouts at stoplights throughout Warwick, Cranston, and many other District 2 communities, and indeed, throughout the State of Rhode Island as a whole.

So, the revocation of Title 42 is not merely about pandemic illegal immigration, it is also saying that the Biden Administration cares more for other people then its own.

I strongly believe that the illegal immigration issue is not a United States of America issue, but rather an Americas issue, where all the countries of North America, Central America, and South America must actively work in unison to stop the pain and suffering that these migrants are going through.

The United States of America, with its own monumental debt and its own citizens not being cared for, can ill-afford to be the caretaker and nanny state for all the people in the Americas.

The fact that the Biden Administration’s own DHS staff openly expects a new surge of illegal immigration to the numbers of 18,000 per day, which has been shared openly by the Border Control union, shows a dangerous, reckless, and careless decision-making process.

I strongly oppose rescinding what is left of Title 42 for the sake of the citizens of the United States of America and for the mistreated migrants whose own countries should be addressing their issues and helping their own citizens.”


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