“In what can only be categorized as disappointing yet expected, Attorney General Peter Neronha revealed his 4th quarter contributors to his re-election campaign. The list of donors and groups giving to his campaign reads like a “Who’s Who” list of Rhode Island political royalty. From influential lobbyists, many who work on behalf of the heavily-regulated marijuana industry, to long-time politically connected lawyers and politicians, Peter Neronha certainly has proven that his campaign pledge to “serve the public” and assert his “independence” from “business as usual” here in Rhode Island was nothing more than political theatre and a hodgepodge of insincere promises designed to promote the illusion that he was the so-called white knight here to save the State from the rot of corruption.

Understandably, many people following this campaign are shocked that Attorney General Neronha would accept huge sums of money from State House lobbyists, special interest groups and the politically connected after hearing his campaign pledge to be independent from these groups. At the very least, accepting upwards of $80,000 in a quarter from these groups gives the appearance that they will have direct access to the Attorney General and input in his policy decisions – an appearance that should be troublesome to all Rhode Islanders considering the enormous power the Office of the Attorney General wields. Unfortunately, this is more of the same old business as usual we’ve become accustomed to here in our state.



Interview: Second Year RWU Law Student Sues AG Neronha Over Alleged APRA Obtruction

Statement: ACLU Files Open Records Lawsuit Against Rhode Island Attorney General


On the other hand, the people of Rhode Island have the opportunity to say “No” to this cynical cycle of the well-connected scratching each other’s backs by voting in a new and truly independent voice as Rhode Island’s next Attorney General with a vote for Charles “Chas” Calenda in 2022. Since announcing his candidacy in October of 2020, Chas has had a groundswell of real grassroots support from everyday people longing for a new face in this state instead of the same names we’ve all heard for decades. Chas’s message of taking the politics out of prosecution has resonated with an overwhelming number of Rhode Islanders who have, for too long, seen political insiders and power brokers running every facet of this state at every level. Chas’s experience as a Special Assistant Attorney General and as a trial attorney at the law firm Inman & Tourgee give him the experience to make the necessary changes in the Office of the Attorney General, and his desire to leave politics out of that Office proves that, if elected, he will be beholden to no special interest, no lobbyist, and no political agenda. Seeking justice in each and every case will be the only agenda Chas takes with him when sworn in as Rhode Island’s next Attorney General.

While Peter Neronha didn’t break any laws, rules or regulations by accepting campaign donations from lobbyists, special interests and powerful political figures, he did break his promise to Rhode Islanders that he made as a candidate. He promised to put the people first and be an independent Attorney General. Accepting $80,000 from all the Rhode Island royalty proves that Peter Neronha is only out for himself and his activist agenda.”

If you want independence, excellence and integrity in the Office of the Attorney General, visit: Chas4AG.com for information on Chas’s campaign, how to volunteer, donate, and get involved in taking the politics out of prosecution!

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