Coup? Insurrection? A Reflection Of Today’s Political Realities? It was an “Open Mic” kind of night, as Host Pat Ford is joined by 3 Libertarians O’ Note:

John Phillips: Libertarian National Committee Regional Representative … Someone who can be described as a Conscience of The Liberty Movement

Conner Drigotas: Director of Communications at a national law firm, & an Adjunct Professor of Business at Lehigh University. As a leading advocate for Liberty, his is a unique voice shaping the focus of the newest generation of Libertarian Leaders

Mark Rutherford: Owner/Attorney at Thrasher Buschmann & Voelkel, PC. A former Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. His expertise ranges from Business & Litigation through to Constitutional Law. A Leader in The Libertarian Party, his keen insight into issues of Civil Liberties places him square in the issues surrounding our current crisis

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