“The holiday season — a celebration of light, love, and family amidst the shortest and coldest days of the year — is more important now than ever before. After a challenging year, we’re winding down into a winter that seems a little colder and a little less familiar. It would be easy to think that with our normal traditions disrupted, the holiday spirit is gone.

“But Rhode Island​ers are resilient. We carry the holiday spirit with us in every phone call or Zoom chat, in every mailed package, and in every light display. ​We’ve found ways to connect with each other and share in this time of joy and harmony despite the circumstances that may physically separate us.

“And while we celebrate the unbreakable ties of love that connect us across distance, ​let’s ​keep in our thoughts those who have lost a loved one this year and our Gold Star families. Please, reach out to the people in your life and let them know that you care.

“No matter what or how you celebrate, let’s all come together and lend each other the warmth and light that we need to make it through these dark times. Brighter ​days lie ahead in 2021. Happy holidays, and God bless Rhode Island.”

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