The Magaziner Campaign has launched a salvo against the competing Congressional Campaigns of Robert Lancia & Alan Fung … reaching back to campaign contributions from convicted Fraudster/Rhody District 1 Congressional Candidate H. Russel Taub.

From The Seth Magaziner Campaign:

Congressional candidate Seth Magaziner today issued a statement calling on Republican congressional candidates Allan Fung and Bob Lancia to turn over all contributions received from H. Russell Taub, who sought hacked information from Russian operatives during his 2016 campaign against David Cicilline and was convicted of campaign finance fraud.

“When Allan Fung and Bob Lancia became aware that Russell Taub stole over $1 million from his contributors and used it for personal gain, they should have immediately turned that money over to federal authorities so that it could be used for restitution for Taub’s victims,” said General Treasurer and congressional candidate Seth Magaziner.  “Now the scandal has worsened, as Robert Mueller revealed Taub sought assistance from Russia to undermine our democracy.  Fung and Lancia should immediately turn over these donations to the appropriate federal authorities.”

Public finance filings indicate former Mayor Allan Fung accepted a maximum donation of $1,000 in 2018 during his bid for Rhode Island Governor and another donation in 2014. Former representative Bob Lancia also accepted a donation of $500 in 2018 during his bid for Congress. Filing records indicate neither candidate returned these donations after Taub was convicted of fundraising fraud in 2019.

Lancia Campaign Response

A Lancia For Congress has campaign operative responded via Twitter:

At time of publication, The Fung Campaign has yet to react to our inquiry.

FEC Taub Fraud

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