GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ashley Kalus hosted a roundtable for local entrepreneurs Thursday to announce, then discuss, her economic development plan for Rhode Island.

The plan itself is comprehensive in nature, featuring tax reform, with a focus on sales tax reduction & elimination of tax brackets for low income earners … to expansion of the Rebuild Rhode Island Tax Credit Program. Interestingly, an ROI Analysis of existing CommerceRI projects is called for, as is a call for significant streamlining of business regulations. Other proposals? Support of business succession planning, expansion of workforce education, and the creation of facilities similar in approach to Quonset Point.  The “Blue Economy” is featured as well, with a called-for approach similar to SEIS programming used in Great Britain.

Throughout the conversation, Candidate Kalus made repeated references to stylistic differences between herself, and Governor McKee. A video of the round table is provided, along with the handout of the proposal itself, within this post.

Kalus Economic Plan


Moments after announcing her Economic Policy at a Business Roundtable, GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ashley Kalus spoke with Coalition Reporter Pat Ford, on Corporate Welfare & Giveaways.


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