From The Robert Lancia – Congress Campaign:
Retired Navy Chaplain and Republican Congressional Candidate, Robert “Bob” Lancia, has this to say about tax increases in his home City:
“It is budget season 2022 in Rhode Island and the politicians will lay their proposed budgets at the feet of the people and most government leaders will ask for more in taxes.
The biggest question has to be that of Cranston’s current City administration stating that their 2022 proposed Tax Increase is based partly on a $7M budget hole they “inherited”.
The article in the Cranston Herald received very little fanfare and the mainstream media largely ignored it. Cranston’s current Mayor inherited a $7M budget hole? Um, From who?
Of course, the current administration, doesn’t name names. How can it when the previous administration was in office for ten straight years prior to Cranston’s current administration.
Why is this not an issue the media people are talking about? A politician kicks the can down the road until he is out of office and then it is someone else’s problem . . .
But it is okay when the current administration shrugs its shoulders and blames a vague “other guy”???
When do Cranston politicians get held accountable for their time in office?

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