Legislation has been filed, to be heard tomorrow evening, to extend the Executive Order employed by Governors Raimondo & Governor McKee to use Executive Orders to enforce arbitrary & capricious orders regulating nearly every aspect of everyday life, all under the guise of safety, during the Pandemic.

Most states are currently rolling back these same regulations, recognizing the declining severity of the current iteration of the Variant, as well as the need to “learn to live” with Covid.

Update: Testimony will be heard at the “Rise of The House”, which typically occurs around 4:00. At the time of publication, the Hearing will take place in Room 35. Covid rules may close the House to the Public at 4:00. If you plan on testifying, be there as early as possible. And watch for Coalition live streams for further updates. Watch @ www.Facebook.com/TheCoalitionRadio. Updates will also be posted on Twitter @Coalition_Radio

Emergency Order Extension H7256

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  1. Pissed off RIer says:

    We need to start a real war. Start getting to their finances, properties, businesses, jobs & cost them money.

    They better learn & quick before we drag them out like the people in Libya did with their dictator Ghadaffi. If it can happen there, it will happen here.

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