CCE_Pre K12 Back to School Memo_Final 8.24.23 (1)


The Rhode Island Department of Health recently issued a memo to School Districts across Rhode Island “suggesting” a response to a recent increase in reported Covid cases. (See above).

In at least one school in Rhode Island, the Sowams School, (an Elementary School in Barrington Rhode Island.) school officials have interpreted the memo as affirmation that after a 5 day mandatory quarantine, exposed student(s) must mask for an additional 5 days. It is unclear whether an entire classroom population, or for that matter, virtually everyone potentially in contact with the student must be masked after that student is deemed to have been exposed to Coronavirus.

The civil liberties nightmare? This “memo” will prompt every risk averse school principal, nurse, or authority figure to morph into district wide, and potentially statewide mask mandates.


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