Yesterday, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza announced his Fiscal Year 2022 Budget. This Budget includes spending an additional  $2.8 Millions of dollars on upwards of 50 new police officers while investing only a fraction of that amount in diversion programs for mental and behavioral health crises. In response to Mayor Elorza’s budget, BLM RI PAC Executive Director Harrison Tuttle has released the following statement:

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“Mayor Elorza’s budget shows what his true priorities are. While investing in diversion programs are a step in the right direction, Elorza is bent on spending nearly 5 times more on policing than he is on his constituents. For people of color in Rhode Island, more police are not ‘public safety’, they are a threat to our lives. If Mayor Elorza wants to create a budget for the people, he should reallocate this egregious police budget to programs that will actually serve the community that he is supposed to represent”

More Information On The BLM PAC RI can be found @ Black Lives Matter RI PAC (


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