Brittany DiOrio, Stephanie Hines, & Kerri Thurber … known within these pages as “The Barrington 3”, have formally filed suit against Labor Union NEA RI, according to Counsel for the Plaintiffs, Gregory Piccirilli.

As stipulated by Plaintiff Diorio:


Per Attorney Piccirilli, National Education Association of Rhode Island (NEA RI) failed in their legal obligation to provide a vigorous defense to their Union Members termination from employment. Additionally, Attorney Piccirilli alleges religious discrimination for failing to defend their fundamental religious objections to the Vaccine. In a related case, the Barrington School Department chose to settle before the completion of litigation, granting plaintiffs full restitution of back wages, restoration of employment, significant damages & attorney fees.


October 2021 – Barrington School Committee


May 2023 -Immediately After Legal Service of Lawsuit: NEA RI Warwick, Rhode Island

In 2021, the Town of Barrington, Rhode Island implemented a District Wide School Department Vaccination Mandate. Despite claims to the contrary, religious freedoms were not honored. In the path of destruction that ensued, no discernable impact on infection transmissions were observed, but 3 Teachers … The “Barrington 3” were summarily dismissed. Longtime Union observers, Union Members were shocked to find that Union Lawyers refused to engage in any defense, other than a perfunctory appearance at a Barrington School Department Meeting. This, in contrast to the vigorous defense offered Union Members accused of heinous offences ….



October 2021 – Barrington School Committee: Note  The Sudden Reemergence of NEARI Attorney Jennifer Azevedo & Her Vigorous 3 Minute 41 Second Defense of Her Union Members

The Complete Barrington School Committee Meeting



The Filed Legal Complaint


DiOrio v NEA Complaint filed

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