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Human Rights Watch: Syria Cluster Munitions / Global Plastics Treaty / Iran

Syria: Cluster Munitions Used in November 6 Attacks Hits on Displaced People’s Camps Killed Civilians Attacks by the Syrian-Russian military alliance on November 6, 2022, used banned cluster munitions on four camps for internally displaced people, Human Rights Watch said today.The attacks killed eight civilians and wounded dozens of others, including[Read More…]

by November 24, 2022

Updates From Human Rights Watch! 01/15/22 Syria: Conviction For State Torture In Syria

From Human Rights Watch: Germany: Conviction for State Torture in Syria Former Syrian Intelligence Officer Found Guilty The conviction of a former Syrian intelligence officer for crimes against humanity by a German court is a ground-breaking step toward justice for serious crimes in Syria, Human Rights Watch said today. The[Read More…]

by January 16, 2022

The Washington Outsider Report: John Rossomando Author The Arab Spring Ruse: How the Muslim Brotherhood Duped Washington in Libya & Syria Joins Irina Tsukerman!

The Washington Outsider Report With Irina Tsukerman! Guest John Rossomando Author Of “The Arab Spring Ruse” How did the Muslim Brotherhood hoodwink all the “experts” & hijack US policy in #Syria #Libya during #ArabSpring? After 10 years why is this still happening? (Episode 8) The Coalition Talk Radio Outrage Porn[Read More…]

by October 20, 2021