As part of its continued efforts to combat the advance of “equity” initiatives across the federal government–America First Legal submitted a comment in response to the National Aerospace and Science Administration’s request for information regarding how to incorporate so-called “racial equity” into programs at NASA.

The Biden Administration has made it clear that they are focused on elevating ideas for how to racially discriminate against U.S. citizens across all areas of government – part and parcel of Critical Race Theory — rather than focusing on critical missions like maintaining America’s historical dominance in space and science.

America First Legal President Stephen Miller released the following statement: 

“Today, America First Legal continues its battle against the Biden Administration’s unlawful and discriminatory equity agenda.  We have filed a formal and official response to NASA’s request for information about its plan to incorporate so-called “racial equity” into the heart of its mission,” Stephen Miller said. “AFL, in the strongest possible terms, is warning NASA and the Biden Administration to keep racial discrimination and illegal equity schemes out of NASA and out of government.”

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Excerpts from AFL’s blistering comment to NASA:

The bedrock principle of American law and government is equality. Yet, the Biden  Administration is advancing a new concept intended as a substitute for equality  known as “equity.” As we have seen in recent federal programs that explicitly  discriminated against citizens based on race—the Restaurant Revitalization Fund  and USDA debt relief—this kind of “equity” is the precise opposite of equality. This  kind of “equity” is an all-encompassing term used to describe multiple efforts by the  Federal Government to preference or punish citizens based on their race or other  protected characteristics. 


It is clear from the use of this term (equity) that NASA is attempting to inject politics and  progressive agendas into what ought to be, and must be, the neutral pursuit of  scientific endeavor for the equal benefit of all Americans. We strongly caution against  any effort to politicize NASA’s mission or embed any form of discrimination, quotas,  barriers or unfair advantages or disadvantages into any NASA program. 


It seems probable that NASA intends to engage in  illegal and unconstitutionally discriminatory policies which will not only divert NASA  from its objective scientific mission but besmirch the agency by involving it in a  scheme that so plainly violates every moral and legal tenet of American law and  justice. 

NASA must not merely comply with, it must celebrate and embrace, the principles of  equal justice and equal treatment for all—where the same rules and same standards apply to every person, from every background, and every station of life. This is about  more than science: it is about our ethics, our character, and our purpose as a nation.

Read the full Request for Information here.

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