The RI ACLU has decided to intervene on behalf of Newport citizens residing in precinct 2109 who feel that the consolidation, by the Newport Canvassing Authority, of a polling center located for years at the Park Holm Senior Center with the Pell Elementary School in Precinct 2102 would result in grave inconvenience to members of the minority community & senior citizens.

From Steven Brown – RI ACLU (Excerpt)

“Our organization has received complaints from a number of Newport residents residing in
Precinct 2109 who are deeply concerned about this decision of the Newport Canvassing
Authority (referred to as the “Board of Canvassers” in the agenda and as “BOC” in this letter),
which was approved on a 2-1 vote on Tuesday”

Listed Below: ACLU RI Complaint Letter & Community Letters

Park Holm consolidation letter to BOE FINAL Park Holm Complaints

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