From The Office of Representative David Cicilline:

Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01) today voted with House Democrats to pass the America COMPETES Act. This bold and transformative package will boost American production of chips, strengthen U.S. supply chains and American manufacturing, advance U.S. scientific excellence and research, and position American interest and values to win on the world stage.

“The America COMPETES Act is the bold, transformative action we need to ensure a strong economic future for American families, small businesses, and workers. This legislation meets the challenges of the day – boosting our domestic production of chips, strengthening our supply chains and manufacturing capabilities, advancing U.S. scientific research – securing a strong economic future for generations to come.”

The America COMPETES Act includes bold, smart and strategic investments to power the success of America’s workers, businesses and economy – based on bipartisan bills, many of which have already passed the House with bipartisan support – including:

  • Supercharging investments in semiconductor chips: with $52 billion to support U.S. production of semiconductors — a key component in consumer electronics, cars, defense systems and other key products — address supply chain disruptions that push up costs for families, bring back chips production to America and ensure that the U.S. leads the way on semiconductor fabrication.
  • Strengthening supply chains and manufacturing at home: with $45 billion to support the manufacture and acquisition of critical goods or industrial equipment that are essential for national security and economic vitality – including public health and biological preparedness, information and communications technology, the energy and transportation sector’s industrial base, and agricultural commodities and food product supply chains.  COMPETES reduces our reliance on critical goods from countries of concern and encourages the relocation of manufacturing facilities out of these countries.
  • Advancing American scientific research and innovation excellence: ensure that we lead the technologies of the future with a suite of bipartisan science, research and technology bills to turbocharge American innovation, focused squarely on producing solutions and results. COMPETES also maximizes the American talent pool by strengthening and diversifying our nation’s STEM workforce.
  • Promoting U.S. global leadership: positioning the interests and values of the United States, not China, to win on the world stage, including with strong action to hold the People’s Republic of China accountable for its trade abuses, which hurt U.S. workers, and for its human rights violations, including the genocide against the Uyghurs.


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  1. WIll this undo NAFTA? I doubt it seriously. It took nearly 10 years, but NAFTA cost me a great job.Followed by Asian industries being the profit generators for American businesses. I do not think this will help as written, and I doubt if it will actually be implemented.
    I vote Independent

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