Neronha decided to punt. Although he agrees that the Reapportionment Commission did not follow the Open Meetings Act, and he could not comprehend why the General Assembly would flip-flop on making the Reapportionment Commission subject to the Open Meetings Act, he won’t do anything about it. He criticizes us for filing this Complaint in January, but in January is when the most serious violations occurred, such as the rolling quorum by Commission members on the prison reallocation issue and lack of notice as to which maps would be adopted. As he knows, we did not just seek minutes from the Commission but also to see the Commission fined, which is how you hold people accountable.
We are not surprised that Neronha does not want to take on the General Assembly on this open government issue. But, it is sad to see a prosecutor criticize anyone who files a complaint in an effort to hold those in power accountable. If you don’t want to try and enforce the law, that is your choice, Mr. Neronha, but don’t criticize us for asking you to do your job.
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