Video of Rhode Island House Testimony/Debate February 16, 2023

House Bill 5260 Initial Hearing: Rep Jennifer Stewart-Disclosure of Municipal Litigation Costs

From Representative Jennifer Stewart-Pawtucket:

My experience as a plaintiff in litigation challenging the unconstitutional time limits on political signs in Pawtucket inspired me to file House Bill 5260, which would require cities and towns of our state to disclose on their official website the following information for each fiscal year the following information:

1) The number of legal actions in which the town or city is a named defendant;

2) A short summary of the substantive issues of the legal action;

3) The name of the attorney representing the town or city in each action;

4) All costs and expenses related to the legal action, including, but not limited to: – court costs; – legal fees; and – compensatory damages



H5260 2023 Disclosure of Litigation Costs


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