This weekend represents the 6th Anniversary of the start of the Saudi Bombing & Blockade of Yemen. For 6 years the United States has provided the Bombs, Jet Bombers, Shared Intelligence, Diplomatic Cover, as well as the advanced Strategic & Logistical Support necessary to kill thousands.  Additionally, the genocidal practices of the Saudi Government, with full approval of the United States, have evidenced themselves in a blockade that has prevented critical supplies from reaching the general population, creating a Humanitarian Crisis unrivaled  in recent history. Much of those weapons & logistical support comes from the Massachusetts based Raytheon. Accordingly, members of the Raytheon Anti War Coalition conducted a “Standout” at Fresh Pond Shopping Center, Cambridge, yesterday, March 27.

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“The scale of the deal indicates that the execs were referring to the planned sale of some 7,500 Paveway bombs to Saudi Arabia. Last April, Raytheon said in a regulatory filing that its arms sales could be hurt by lawmakers’ concerns about Riyadh’s role in Yemen’s civil war and about the Saudi crown prince’s involvement in the murder of a U.S.-based Saudi journalist. Still, in December, Bloomberg reported that the Trump administration was moving ahead with the sale.

“We had assumed that we were going to get a license to provide these offensive weapon systems to our customer,” Hayes said. (Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes) “With the change in administration, it becomes less likely that we’re going to be able to get a license for this. And so we appropriately decided that we could no longer support the booking of that contract.”

During his Senate confirmation hearing last week, now-confirmed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the Biden administration would “end our support for the military campaign led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.”

Still, Hayes said the company does not anticipate issues selling defensive weapons, like Patriot missile interceptors, and other types of arms in the region.

“Look…peace is not going to break out in the Middle East anytime soon,” Hayes said. “I think it remains an area where we’ll continue to see solid growth.” “


The Raytheon Anti War Campaign is a Coalition of the following Organizations: Massachusetts Peace Action, Veterans for Peace, American Friends Service Committee, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, The Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, and the Peace and Social Justice Committee of the Friends Meeting at Cambridge


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