City of Pawtucket Chief Of Staff Dylan Zelazo is not happy. The “Non Factual” reference was employed this week in a communication to the Pawtucket City Council. (See Below)

In a prior City Council Meeting, Councilman Clovis Gregor, citing the absence of Ward 5 representation on Pawtucket City Boards, in particular the Parks Commission, moved to deny Daniel Imbrascio & Mary Healey Board reappointment. Councilman Gregor was specific in citing the ongoing controversy of the Morley Field sale, in his comments,  and made not-so-veiled references to the his community representation’s impact absent Ward 5 representation.

In a letter to the Pawtucket City Council, Zelazo snapped back at Ward 5 Councilman Gregor,

“This sort of punishment of two great community servants due to a topic which has been discussed at length over a number of years and has been approved by the City Council on a number of occasions is not justified.”

What is interesting? Mr. Zelazo, in his letter, chose to sidestep the issue of Ward 5 representation, and only obliquely reference Morley Field. And by Councilman Gregor’s ongoing appeals? It is clear that the sale is anything but a “done deal”.

What. Say. You?


Zelazo To Clovis Gregor

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