In a stunning, bang-bang series of votes earlier this evening, the Pawtucket School Committee voted to appoint Patricia Royal, currently Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education at Providence Public Schools. The Committee vote in favor, 4-3, closely followed a similar vote against Alexandra McNeil, currently serving as Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Needham (MA) Public Schools

Two Union Members (See Video Above) rose in public comment on behalf of Ms. McNeil …

Team McNeil: James T. Chellel Jr. ~  Chair /Joanne Bonollo/Erin Dube (Search Committee Chair)

Team Royal: Kimberly Grant/Jennifer Carney/Gerard Charbonneau/Marsha Fernandes

Reaction From Ronald Beaupre, President Pawtucket Teachers’ Alliance was swift:

From Mr. Beaupre:

“We, the teachers, education support professionals, related service providers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and families of Pawtucket’s children, were not heard.  Only those closest to our students can truly make the most effective decisions for their success.  Yet, four members of the Pawtucket School Committee appear to believe more strongly in demonstrating their authority as the governing body of the Pawtucket School Department than in those who do the work with our students every day.  The decision made by these four members tonight appears to be based solely on personal agendas, friendships, promises, or simple politics, rather than what is best for the Pawtucket School Department.
While this is not the outcome supported by the Pawtucket Teachers’ Alliance, our work continues. The Pawtucket Teachers’ Alliance has a long-standing reputation of collaboration, cooperation, and strong solidarity.  We have and will always advocate for and do what is best for those we serve and those we represent.  That will not change!”

Ronald A. Beaupre-President Pawtucket Teachers’ Alliance AFT Local 930, AFL-CIO




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