Note: The first 2 minutes are muted, as we set up, while formalities were observed.

It was a hectic day at The Kent County Courthouse, as a flurry of motions successfully sought to terminate the No Contact Order between alleged Pawtucket Police Shooter Daniel Dolan and his family, established on Monday March 21, in the wake of alleged domestic abuse. Ms. Dolan, Officer Dolan’s wife, appeared in court personally to make the request. In deference to her alleged status as a parent of a victim of domestic abuse, cameras and recording devices were not allowed in court.

Additionally, the Coalition was able to obtain a wide range of written documents:

Written Request To Terminate No Contact Order

31-2022-02122 - Motion to Vacate No Contact Order_Redacted (1)

Rhode Island Attorney General Form 46G – Motion To Revoke Bail

K2-2021-0402A - dolan_Redactedpdf

Coventry Police Department Reports:

22-243-AR 22-456-OF

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  1. Take these children away from them! He has beaten her for years! Amy will never leave him. I have pictures of our children together. While she was attending a masters program with me, we were friends and she had admitted the abuse to her and the kids and said she would leave! Time to hold her accountable! Protect those children! He is dangerous!!!!

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