Gubernatorial Hopeful Paul Rianna Jr. Delivers Petition To McKee Staffer

Protestors Refused Access To Rhode Island Department of Health Staff And Building

For the third time in as many weeks, licensed medical personnel of virtually any stripe descended on The Rhode Island State House today. Armed with a boisterous sense of solidarity, they chanted at a highly receptive stream of traffic on Smith Street, then proceed in a noisy, yet peaceful stream to both the State House and the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Frustrated by the absence of Governor McKee, protestors chanted loudly into a partially opened State House Door … refused entry … while other civilians ostensibly with State House business were allowed entry. Importantly, while individual members became heated, there was no attempt to “break the plane” into the State House itself.

Protestors then marched in an orderly procession, chanting, to the employee entrance of RIDOH. This time, RIDOH officials refused acceptance of any petitions or requests from the protestors

The protestors, primarily Nurses, CNA’s, First Responders, are outraged. From Hero to Zero … Medical Personnel are particularly upset that despite working through the Pandemic … often without PPE & proper masking … are being faced with the loss of their Licenses should they refuse vaccination. Citing Body Autonomy, as well as a fundamental distrust of the vaccine, many claim that they will walk away from an already thinly staffed work force if faced by the choice



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