From The City of Providence:

Mayor Brett P. Smiley and Colonel Oscar L. Perez today announced the implementation of a Providence Police Community Response Team to combat illegal ATV and dirt bike riding throughout the City. Under his administration, Mayor Smiley has made it a priority to address quality-of-life issues effecting the citizens of Providence and addressing the use of illegal vehicles is at the forefront. With the summer months approaching, Mayor Smiley and Colonel Perez want to send a clear message to individuals who operate these vehicles, that law enforcement officials will be working to prevent this illegal activity and reckless behavior on our roadways will not be tolerated by police.

“We want people to know we are serious about stopping the use of these illegal vehicles that put everyone at risk and make our streets unsafe,” said Mayor Brett Smiley. “By creating the Community Response Team, we will be using more resources than in the past to detect activity before it occurs, and we will be pursuing the appropriate criminal charges. No one should be using these vehicles and if they are caught doing so, they will face serious consequences.”

The Community Response Team is comprised of officers who are dedicated to identifying illegal activity and targeting individuals associated with ATV storage and operation. Under the leadership of Mayor Smiley and Colonel Perez, the PPD plans to strengthen both the volume of vehicles seized and empower investigations into illegal ATV activity by utilizing undercover detective work, video from existing technology and social media activity. Through these means, PPD will be able to identify illegal activity within the city, proactively seize vehicles, pursue additional and higher criminal charges as it may relate to a case, and ultimately ensure the safety of our residents and visitors.

“I am proud to be unveiling this new, proactive strategy to address what has been a problem in our community for years,” said Colonel Oscar Perez. “Every Providence Police officer knows the real dangers and impacts the use of illegal ATVs and motorcycles has had in our neighborhoods. Beginning today, the officers of the Providence Police Department will be working with the community, stakeholders and surrounding cities to investigate and fully pursue all illegal activity associated with the operation and storage of these vehicles now through the summer months.”

Providence Police will also lead coordinated efforts with state, city, and the community partners, including dedicated members of the Office of the Attorney General and City Solicitor’s Office. All members of the community response team and high-ranking officials of the Providence Police Department will attend a mandatory training to ensure officers are aware and mindful of potential liabilities, best practices, and techniques.

Lastly, the City is engaging with and enhancing its relationships with private and public businesses and organizations to help detect and deter operation of illegal vehicles within our city before it occurs. People are encouraged to use PPD’s dedicated ATV Tip Line 401-680-TATV (8288) and email to anonymously report any non-emergency information they have about ATVs being illegally driven or stored.

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