Last night, Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE), organized, alongside other community groups and organizers, a speak out and march, led by the Sayles Street and Manton Ave families whose children were brutally assaulted by police this summer.

The Action commenced at the intersection of Manton & Salmon Streets in Providence, where Providence Police apprehended, and allegedly beat, three teenagers, this past July 9th

Body cam footage was released this summer of police viciously beating, macing, spitting on, and verbally abusing children on Sayles Street and Manton Avenue.  Organizers allege that Police have continued to attack the Sayles Street families after they spoke out. These attacks include continued illegal stops and raids,  threats and attempts to further criminalize the children. 

One of the three boys who was beaten on Manton Ave – a fifteen year old –  has been incarcerated since July 9th. He has been denied release three times by Judge Michael B. Forte, although he went through brain surgery just weeks before the assault for a preexisting condition and police reopened the incision. He has missed medical appointments while incarcerated and is experiencing severely painful headaches.

Organizer demands: 

  1. Immediately release the fifteen year old who is incarcerated at the Training School.
  2. Repeal the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights (LEOBoR).
  3. Defund the police and invest in resources for our youth! This includes replacing cops with counselors in our schools, which students are currently campaigning for in Providence. End racist police attacks on these families, on our communities, and on our youth!


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