Flash! From The Parents Union:

Under threat of litigation, the Rhode Island Department of Education has stipulated the following:

The Mask Mandate inflicted upon the children of  Providence Schools is dropped immediately.
The Providence School Committee has been “encouraged” to conduct expedited hearings, including Public Comment In Open Forum, for parents to speak BEFORE decisions are rendered on how mask mandates will be reinstated in future, pending approval of Education Commisioner of any policy proposed
Mandatory 48 hour notice (excluding weekends) of notice to Plaintiff’s counsel of any intent to impose a mask mandate in Providence.
Most importantly, Plaintiffs reserve right to bring further action and all subpoenas remain in full force and effect. The Plaintiffs,(Parent’s Union) reserved the right to continue the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) hearing from Tuesday to some future date.
This document below is public, filed, but will need to be formally accepted by court on Tuesday morning (Reflecting the Memorial Day Holiday).


Southwell v. McKee Stip._ (002)



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