“Higher Risk” Activities Include Live Performances, Indoor Hookah, Saunas & Whirlpools, Nightclubs
The Governor’s Office and Rhode Island Department of Health today announced that certain restrictions on what have been categorized as higher risk activities and settings will be lifted effective June 18, 2021. The activities and settings include: live indoor performances, indoor hookah, saunas and whirlpools, and nightclubs. These settings and activities continue to be higher risk for people who are not fully vaccinated. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated, including children who are too young to be vaccinated, should continue to wear a mask when indoors.
Live performances
The following restrictions on live indoor performances have been lifted: previously, if masks were not worn, there had to be at least six feet of physical distance between performers and any other person including other performers. If masks were worn, there had be at least three feet of physical distance between all performers. If all performers were fully vaccinated, no spacing or masking restrictions were recommended.
Indoor Hookah
The following restrictions on indoor hookah establishments have been lifted: previously, the use of hookahs or waterpipes indoors at establishments was prohibited, unless the establishment restricted access to the area to fully vaccinated people. Additional COVID-19-specific guidelines have been lifted, but general safety and health maintenance best practice guidelines remain in place.
Saunas & Whirlpools
The following restrictions on saunas and whirlpools have been lifted: previously, these establishments were only open to fully vaccinated people as verified by the establishment. Unvaccinated people are advised to continue to wear masks indoors, when possible. Sauna and whirlpool occupancy levels may return to pre-COVID-19 levels. All other health maintenance best practices and guidelines remain in place.
The following restrictions on nightclubs have been lifted: previously, nightclubs were to operate at 50% of regular operating capacity. Nightclubs could increase capacity to 100% if the establishment limited access to only vaccinated people. Nightclubs may return to pre-COVID-19 capacity. Unvaccinated people are encouraged to wear masks indoors.
For a complete list of COVID-19 reopening guidance, best practices and other information, visit reopeningri.com.

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