Statement From Aniece Germain …Developing ….

I am regretfully tendering my resignation to the President of Cranston City Council effective immediately. It has become clear that the ongoing power dynamics at play in Cranston politics and recent challenges for our organization Hope and Change for Haiti prevent me from continuing in my role on the Council. It is important to me that I prioritize the wellbeing of our organization and protect my family from political maneuvering during this difficult period.

I am stepping down not because I want to but because it is in the best interest of my party, my family, and our organization. While I want to continue in my role as a direct, elected advocate for meaningful change in Cranston, I must step away to focus on continuing our powerful work helping the Haitian community here and in Haiti.

Recently, Hope and Change for Haiti has been dealing with some challenges due to a consequential filing error. As one of the Board of Directors of the organization, I share in the responsibility of solving this issue. An administrative error does not devalue the important work that we are doing to help the Haitian community in Rhode Island.

As councilor, it has been my lifetime honor to serve the constituents of Ward 2. I am deeply proud to have represented each and every resident regardless of party affiliation. Thank you for entrusting me with your vote for the past two elections cycles. I am confident that I served you with my head held high, with dignity, and with conviction. I will focus on my family and our organization Hope and Change for Haiti to continue to make a difference in the world.

I remain committed to supporting democratic leadership in the city—including working with the city council—as a community member, to advocate for an end to the overnight parking ban, the reopening of a functional and affordable Budlong pool, and the ordinance to amend the burden on homeowners to repair sidewalks. I regret that I am unable to complete my work as city councilor in seeing these policy changes enacted and I entrust my colleagues on the council to continue this work for me, for the people of Cranston.


I am immensely grateful for the time that I’ve spent representing my constituents to directly build toward real policy changes that better city residents’ lives. Thank you to the people of Cranston for their support and partnership in working to make this city a city that works for all its residents. I look forward to serving you directly again in the future.

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