Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) today voted in favor of H.R. 2467, the PFAS Action Act, to protect families from toxic per- and poly- fluoroalkyl (PFAS) chemicals. Also known as “forever chemicals,” PFAS chemicals bioaccumulate in humans, leading to adverse health effects like cancer, infertility, impaired child development, high cholesterol, and thyroid disease. H.R. 2467 passed the House 241-183.

PFAS chemicals can be found in products like nonstick cookware, rain gear, cosmetics, stain-resistant furniture, and snack wrappers. The CDC has reported that nearly all Americans have PFAS in their blood, representing a serious public health risk to the American people.

“Toxic PFAS have been proven to lead to serious health effects, exposing millions of Americans to higher rates of illness and disease,” said Rep. Jim Langevin. “The PFAS Action Act will protect American families from these dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ and stop PFAS from contaminating our communities and threatening public health.”

H.R. 2467 will provide protections for communities impacted by these chemicals by requiring the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement drinking water and air emission standards for PFAS. It requires the EPA to stem the flow of PFAS contamination by requiring cleanup of contaminated sites and limiting the introduction of new PFAS chemicals. The bill also creates grant programs with funding to clean up impacted water systems, provide guidance on limiting exposure for first responders, and create an EPA label that companies can use to market PFAS-free cookware.

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