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Rep Seth Magaziner (RI-02) Calls the Question! Urges Speaker Mike Johnson to Vote on Ukraine Funding

    From The Office of Congressman Seth Magaziner (D RI):   Representative Seth Magaziner (RI-02) spoke on the House floor urging Speaker Mike Johnson to call a vote on Ukraine funding. The Senate passed an emergency defense spending bill on Tuesday which would provide military assistance for Ukraine and Israel, among[Read More…]

by February 15, 2024

UN OHCHR: Syrian Returnees Subjected to “Gross Human Rights Violations & Abuses” (Report Included)

  From The United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commisioner:   Many Syrians who had fled the war face gross human rights violations and abuses upon their return to Syria, according to a report by the UN Human Rights Office released today. The documented violations and abuses have been perpetrated[Read More…]

by February 14, 2024

Rhode Island Senator Senate Armed Service Chair Reed Remarks-President Biden Speech As US Senate Passes Bipartisan National Security Supplemental Appropriations Bill

  REED URGES HOUSE TO ACT ON BIPARTISAN BILL THAT INVESTS IN STRENGTHENING U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY, PROMOTING GLOBAL STABILITY, AND PREVENTING WIDER CONFLICTS   From The Office of Senator Jack Reed (D RI) After months of debate and bipartisan negotiation and a weekend session that saw votes on Super Bowl[Read More…]

by February 13, 2024

Human Rights Watch: Afghanistan-Aid Cutbacks, Taliban Abuses Imperil Health Report: “‘A Disaster for the Foreseeable Future’: Afghanistan’s Healthcare Crisis” Included

  Addressing Economic Crisis, Ongoing Rights Violations Critical to Meeting Needs From: Human Rights Watch The loss of foreign assistance has severely harmed Afghanistan’s healthcare system and exacerbated malnutrition and illnesses resulting from inadequate medical care. Taliban restrictions on women and girls have impeded access to health care, jeopardizing their[Read More…]

by February 12, 2024

Human Rights Watch: Israel: Rafah Evacuation Plans Catastrophic, Unlawful (Videos Included)

    From Human Rights Watch: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the Israeli army and other officials to submit to the cabinet a plan to evacuate Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost governorate. Netanyahu said this action is necessary to attack Hamas battalions in the area.With a pre-war population of 280,000, Rafah is now housing the[Read More…]

by February 11, 2024

Carter Center Calls on Israel to Halt its Plan to Force 1.3 Million Palestinians Out of Rafah

  From: The Carter Center   The Carter Center condemns the Israeli government’s directive to forcibly transfer Palestinian civilians in Rafah to pave the way for a military offensive and reiterates our call for an immediate ceasefire. This plan is alarming given that an estimated 1.3 million Gazans now reside in[Read More…]

by February 11, 2024

Congressman Gabe Amo Leads Legislation to Stop Military Aid to Azerbaijan

    The bipartisan bill responds to continued Azerbaijani aggression against ethnic Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh   From The Office of Gabe Amo (RI D1): Today, Congressman Gabe Amo (D-RI-01), a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, announced the introduction of the bipartisan Armenian Protection Act (H.R.7288) to prevent[Read More…]

by February 10, 2024

Human Rights Watch: Egypt – Court Punishes Activists for Challenging al-Sisi

  From: Human Rights Watch: Prison Sentences Aim at Deterring Peaceful Dissent   An Egyptian court on February 6, 2024, sentenced the prominent politician Ahmed Tantawy, along with his campaign advisor and 21 of his detained supporters, to a year in prison for alleged offenses associated with his presidential challenge to President[Read More…]

by February 8, 2024

Human Rights Watch: Jordan-Arrests, Harassment of Pro-Palestine Protesters

      Jordan: Arrests, Harassment of Pro-Palestine Protesters   Jordanian authorities have arrested and harassed scores of Jordanians who participated in pro-Palestine protests across the country or engaged in online advocacy since October 2023, bringing charges against some of them under a new, widely criticized cybercrimes law, Human Rights Watch[Read More…]

by February 7, 2024

Senator Wicker, GOP Ranking Member-Senate Armed Services Committee, Issues Sternly Worded Statement on US Reprisal Strikes

    In a move that echoed last week’s demands by Senate Republican Leadership, Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss, took a dim view on both the timing, and the “slap on the wrist” nature of this today’s attacks on Iranian backed targets.   From The Office of Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss:[Read More…]

by February 3, 2024