Statement Issued by BLM PAC RI

The BLM RI PAC commends the city of Pawtucket for reaching an agreement that led to the ultimate termination of Officer Daniel Dolan, however, this deal is a stark reminder that its’ necessity raises questions about the lack of confidence in the ability of the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights (LEOBoR) process to rightfully terminate officers. His decision to step down before the completion of the full LEOBoR hearing raises concerns about the effectiveness of the current system to fire officers outright.

The BLM RI PAC is pleased to hear that Officer Daniel Dolan will no longer be employed by the Pawtucket Police department following a two-year criminal trial process and delayed LEOBoR hearing.

Due to the ineffectiveness of the current law which prevents city officials from firing Dolan outright, it is unfortunate that additional steps had to be taken to ensure that Dolan couldn’t resume his policing duties. In response to this concerning trend, the BLM RI PAC urgently calls for the repeal of LEOBoR at the beginning of the upcoming legislative session. It is evident that LEOBoR shields bad actors within law enforcement, allowing them to resign preemptively and evade the conclusion of investigations into their conduct. This poses a significant challenge to accountability and justice within the law enforcement community.

BLM RI PAC extends its apologies to the victims of Officer Daniel Dolan, recognizing that the current criminal justice system, particularly the LEOBoR process, may not always provide the justice they rightfully seek. The organization remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for reform that ensures accountability and fairness within law enforcement.

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