BLM RI PAC Stands in Solidarity with City Councilman Miguel Sanchez Following Unjust Termination


The Black Lives Matter Rhode Island Political Action Committee (BLM RI PAC) vehemently condemns the unjust termination of City Councilman Miguel Sanchez by Governor Dan McKee. Since October 7, Councilman Sanchez has been a vocal supporter of peace, justice, and human rights in response to the ongoing atrocities occurring in Gaza. Governor Dan McKee’s decision to terminate Councilman Sanchez for his principled stance against violence is deeply troubling. It raises concerns about the suppression of free speech and the silencing of elected officials who advocate for justice and human rights.

It is deeply troubling to witness a state government employee facing consequences, in the case of termination, for exercising their constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech. This matter transcends Miguel’s individual stance on the Middle East conflict; it raises significant concerns about the precedent established by our Governor. This precedent suggests that merely disagreeing with the administration’s stance on an issue could jeopardize one’s job security. As a democratic governor, Gov. McKee should wholeheartedly defend every individual’s right to hold an opinion, irrespective of his personal agreement or disagreement.


BLM RI PAC stands in unwavering solidarity with City Councilman Miguel Sanchez. We believe that elected officials like Councilman Sanchez play a crucial role in representing the interests and values of their constituents.

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