From The Barrington Parents United:

PARENTS PUT SCHOOL COMMITTEE ON NOTICE in anticipation of mask mandate
policy update before the state-wide restriction lifts on March 4.

A group of Barrington parents are prepared for litigation if the Barrington School Committee
votes in favor of continued mask mandates past the March 4 expiration of Governor Daniel
McKee’s Executive Order.

With the legal assistance of the Law Office Of Gregory P. Piccirilli, Esq., a notification letter
was e-mailed to School Committee Chair, Gina Bae, this evening and was copied to
Superintendent, Michael Messore, Legal Counsel, Sara A. Rapport, and Committee members
Amanda Basse, Patrick McCrann, Megan Douglas, and Erika Sevetson.

Piccirilli Notice To Barrington Gina Bae second page


BARRINGTON PARENTS UNITED (BPU) spearheads independent, town-wide effort
to replace School Committee and other official seats

BPU recently announced it’s formation as a group of parents, residents, and citizens, at large,
who are making a peaceful, issue-based, non-partisan, and authentic grass-roots effort to protect
the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of their children in Barrington Public
Schools (BPS).

The dire need for this group arose out of the devastating effects many children are experiencing
under Governor Daniel McKee’s universal school mask mandate of August 19, 2021, set to be
lifted on March 4. These effects have caused irreparable harm, as acknowledged in a recent
Rhode Island Superior Court decision. As parents await revised BPS mask policy, they have
made it clear to the School Committee (SC) and Administration, they will not condone a vote to
irreparably harm children and will accept nothing less than unconditional mask choice for all
students. As group member Brian Hughes stated at the February 17th SC meeting, “…we’ve
mobilized, we’ve organized, and we’re coming for your seats.”


With a politically un-affiliated eye toward November elections, BPU plans to post a Candidates’
Pledge, on and will invite those interested in running for
School Committee or other open seats in town to sign the pledge and email with the subject “Candidate”, to inquire about possibly being
featured on it’s platform. Pledging will include supporting laws and policies upholding parental
rights to determine physical and mental health choices for their children which adhere to the
medical code of ethics to “first do no harm” and to provide true informed consent.


In addition to unconditional mask choice, the group acknowledges there are many other issues
across BPS which are negatively impacting students and children throughout the town.
Barrington Parents United encourages and will support the productive, transparent public
discourse necessary to address these many issues, while moving expeditiously toward
accountability of town officials and the restoration of children’s well-being.
The public is invited to subscribe to BPU’s Updates and Calls To Action by visiting or clicking “Join Us” on the homepage.


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