This week, on behalf of a courageous federal employee, America First Legal sued the Biden Administration to block its unlawful and unconstitutional federal civilian employee vaccine mandate. Representing a dedicated, twenty-year civilian employee of the Department of the Navy with natural immunity to COVID-19, AFL has brought this case because no law authorizes what President Biden and his Administration have imposed on federal workers. We are fighting to protect the Constitution’s separation of powers, and to vindicate our client’s fundamental Due Process rights and liberty interests.

From day one, the Biden Administration has ignored the rule of law and run through the constitutional and Due Process guardrails that prevent the President from abusing his Executive power. President Biden and his Administration must be held accountable. And AFL will tirelessly pursue this important work.

Statement from America First Legal Vice-President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton:  

The ends always justify the means for the Biden Administration—even if that means acting with no lawful authority, or acting in a manner directly contrary to the law. President Biden is not a king, his Administration is no royal court, and he has no inherent authority to act in this tyrannical way and intrude on the rights of all federal employees. This case is a righteous fight not only for our client, but for all federal employees, and for the separation of powers,” Gene Hamilton said.

The Complaint:

AFL Complaint Biden Vax

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