Yesterday, America First Legal filed an open records request with the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District requesting all records, documents, and communications relating to the development and implementation of Critical Race Theory curriculum between the Pacific Education Group and the School District.

Despite repeated requests from parents and concerned citizens, the school district, in violation of both state and federal law, has refused to disclose the extent of its relationship with Pacific Education Group—a radical organization pushing Critical Race Theory on our children—or the curriculum itself.

Federal law mandates that parents have the right to access and review curriculum being taught to their children. The right of parents in this regard is sacrosanct. AFL is proud to defend parents and children against CRT indoctrination and extreme-left school boards who refuse to comply with the law.

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AFL President Stephen Miller issued the following statement:

“AFL is committed to defeating the illegal equity agenda and the poisonous ideology driving it: Critical Race Theory. In that mission, AFL is standing up for parents who are trying to save their children from racist CRT indoctrination.

One such group of Pennsylvania parents is courageously fighting back. The Tredyffrin-Easttown School District has publicly admitted to applying the odious CRT framework on its captive students. These parents have demanded to see the lesson plans and teaching materials being used in the classroom, weaponized against their own children—but the school, in defiance of both state and federal law, has refused to comply. In effect, it’s a cover-up. AFL has therefore formally filed a request, pursuant to Pennsylvania’s open records law, to obtain the records. If the school rejects the request in further violation of law, then we will take them to court and pry loose these records for all parents and all citizens to see. AFL will use every lawful remedy at our disposal to protect our children from Critical Race Theory. And we will proudly support the patriotic moms and dads stepping up as parent warriors to protect America’s kids from this racist indoctrination.”

Read the full records request here.

Read the full written request here.

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