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With a Parent’s Community already seething about Rhode Island State Representative Charlene Lima’s grotesque pandering to “The Moms” (and the Truck Drivers?), activist Rich Southwell, the named plaintiff in the landmark case “Southwell v McKee Et Al”, took a direct shot at Representative Lima. Pointing out that she was “MIA on this issue”, Southwell has essentially gone ABL: Anybody (credible) But Lima.

The awkward pause following Lima’s pleas to the Assembly, to rise and give an ovation to “The Moms”, was poorly received. The fact that Lima, in her speech, seemed to indicate opposition to the bill extending the Governor’s Order, yet, in a chaotic mix of rhetoric, cliche, and obeisance to McKee ultimately indicated support, did not help her cause.

Parents are clearly enraged. With School Districts across Rhode Island announcing their decision to continue mask mandates, many consider McKee’s announcement earlier this week as nothing short of deception.

Reactions from activists have been swift … and heated. We will update you as they arrive:

Laurie Gaddis Barrett: We see you. You could have voted for the amendment to save the kids and still voted for the extension to save the nursing home. Not. Going. To. Cut. It. Thanks for the shout out to moms. Couldn’t help but notice who didn’t stand in support.

Crystle Welch: The fact that Lima said that she wants our children out of masks, and then proceeded to vote no Filippi’s amendment (which would have gotten our children out of masks that day) .. tells me all I need to know. That was lip service. We are paying attention now… we know who has our children’s back and who doesn’t.










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  1. Her behavior was just the highlight of a bipartisan collusion to redirect the public debate. The debate was supposed to be about the need to extend emergency powers. Instead what was discussed was whether the Governor had used the powers appropriately. It doesn’t matter if he acted like Solomon, there is no longer an emergency justifying his continued access to emergency powers

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