With a few filing cycles behind us, please:

A. Provide the number of claimants who have used earned additional wages in excess of prior limits

B. Provide the average amount of additional wages per claimant

C. Provide the number of claimants who have effectively returned to the workforce

D. Provide any “industry sector” data you may have reflecting which industry claimants have returned to work to.

Below is data as of Thursday 6/10:
A.      826
B.      We do not have this information available at this time.
C.      1,076 have effectively returned to work full-time (reported earnings in excess of 150% of their benefit rate). In addition, the total number of claimants requesting payments has fallen by 2,200 (which indicates that they returned to work and no longer need unemployment).
D.      We do not have this information at this tim


As a business owner who is need of workers, I am not surprised of the lack of success of this bill. We gave them a better solution that would have helped our industry.  This bill, that our Governor, DLT Director, Rep Carol M, Dale V RIHA and all the other politicians rallied around as if this was actually going to work or even have an impact, is an absolute failure.  But results were not the goal, from the above group just symbolism. It’s a true shame because jobs are here now but as our season winds down in a few months the job market will tighten up and we will see real unemployment not FAKE UNEMPLOYMENT like we have now. The other big problem with every restaurant begging for help is that we’re not able to capitalilze on an opportunity to be 20 to 30 % busier which is needed to overcome the falsely inflated wage, COG and basic expenses. Many of these restaurant rely on the seasonal sales to carry them through up coming slow winter months. What a shame-a lost Opportunity.


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