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The Decision is in! The State of Rhode Island has officially submitted to the “Will of the People” by settling with Parents United in the Southwell v. McKee Case. Of course, there were shenanigans, hi jinx & a fair measure of balderdash, even in the waning days of their submission.

Flash! Did The Rhode Island Department of Health Just Try A “Bait & Switch” On A Legal Settlement?

Which, of course, prompted Super Lawyer Greg Piccirilli to return fire …

Bait & Switch At RIDOH: Plaintiffs In Masking Case Southwell v. McKee File Contempt Charges Against Rhode Island Department of Health

But here is the takeaway. The People have fought & retained their right to due process to challenge an outlaw government’s attempt to subjugate their parental rights!

On March 15, 2024, 9:00 AM, a hearing will be held at the Rhode Island Department of Health, “for the purpose of publicly setting forth the rationale for a masking requirement in the event a future masking requirement is promulgated the Rhode Island Department of Health for students in Grade Kindergarten through 12, in Rhode Island.” (See Formal Announcement Below)

Will. You. Be. There?

What. Fashion. Statement. Will. You. Make?


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The fine folks at Southwell v. McKee have authorized the Coalition Radio Network to engage in a “Hearing Promotion T Shirt Fundraiser”, to support the equipment needs of your local “Outrage Porn Free – Civilly Disobedient” Media Outlet. A Very. Special. Thanks to Crystle Lynn for the use of her design, that yes! Graced lawns across Rhode Island. Proceeds from the sale of these T Shirts, as well as donations, will go to invest in broadcast equipment in support of our mission to film, well, anywhere. State Hearings … the Legislature … Gub’ment Board Rooms … and yes, Courtrooms!

We appreciate donations … regardless of their size! A 1 time or recurring donation can be made via our Paypal link!


Unmask Our Children T-Shirt

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Notice of Proposed Rulemaking_Masking Regs (1)


Exh A Dismissal Stipulation filed (1)




Memorable Masking Moments – Caught on Forever Video!



Impress Your Friends! Medical Research RE: Child Masking Studies! Combat Gub’ment Propoganda!


Italian capnography preprint on mask effects


Sars, preschool routines and children’s behaviour_ Observations from preschools in Hong Kong


Fungal mask contamination in C19 era


Face masks disrupt facial recognition in children


Frontiers Meta on Mask Adverse effects Apr 2023





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