Controversy abounds in Glocester, RI over questions about the legality of an electronic campaign sign placed on Rt. 44, which has seen multiple serious car accidents over the last few weeks, including one tragic fatality.

The concern was first raised by Laurie Gaddis Barrett on the town Facebook group, questioning whether the sign placement was properly permitted:

The group conversation began with a strong defense of the Glocester Town Council President by his daughter, Rebekah, but eventually devolved into inconsistency as to whether she “spoke” on her father’s behalf, or not.


Not content with the mild criticism, Glocester Town Council President Bill Reichert took to the streets late Friday night with a video announcement. In a sonorous tone, he says the following:

While others began quoting Town Ordinances:

While William (Bill) Reichert rather handily references climate change, it’s worth noting he owns a fossil fuel company.

Reichert is no stranger to controversy, having previously been fined $2,000 by the Rhode Island Ethics Commission back in 2014. The full decision can be found here:

The Providence Journal reported at the time:

Alas, it didn’t end there. Many Facebook posts tend to “die” after 24 hours, but not this one. The next day, the promised public records request was delivered.

Among other comments of both support and indignation, Bill Reichert began personally attacking another constituent.


“I was horrified to see the Town Council President commenting on the state of someone’s personal property” said Laurie Gaddis Barrett. “I immediately began communicating with the other two Councilors whose name was on the arguably illegal campaign sign to gather their thoughts and perspectives. Councilor Walter Steere and I spoke at length, and he appeared to be unaware of the sign placement although he was aware that his name would be included. Councilor Steere distanced himself from the individual behavior that was taking place online, and noted that he believed the sign itself fell under an exception as it was ‘temporary’. Councilor David LaPlante declined to discuss in detail, indicating he wasn’t feeling well.”

Interestingly, Reichert declared as recently as Jan 20, 2022 in the Valley Breeze his thoughts about the way Town Councilors should behave towards residents.


Others chimed in on Sunday morning and afternoon with their thoughts:


Another resident gave this meme with his thoughts:

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