While other City Leaders stay curiously silent, District 5 Pawtucket City Councilor Clovis Gregor has weighed in on the Poisoned Pawtucket Morley Field Crisis,  …  and demanded the following:

“More extensive and extended public notice period than the limited (abutters-only notice) which was expeditiously sought by Blackstone Distribution”

“asking that the attached SRI, together with this correspondence, be put on the Council’s June 21, 2022 Docket so that this extremely urgent matter can be properly and timely addressed”

At work here? Several Issues: The sale of Morley Field. The federal funding used in the initial acquisition of the underlying land requires identical sized parcels be provided to replace the total acreage for open space. The timing and the approach used by the purchaser J/K Investments/AKA Blackstone Distribution LLC for the both the  Site Investigation, and Site Investigation Request. The “unilateral attempt to impose a PERMANENT land use restriction on Morley Field which would forever foreclose and deprive District 5 of the use and enjoyment of its ONE and ONLY recreational greenspace”. Then there is the acquisition of a replacement property. Councilor Gregor is moving to have the City acquire the “Angelica Property, at 482 Pawtucket Avenue. Finally, an 18 page “Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) is included, which in addition to providing proposed forward action, includes extensive data as to the current environmental state of the Property.


Need Further Background? : 
Readability Tip: Scroll down to the bottom of each page. A pair of upward & downward arrows will appear. Clicking on each will bring you page by page through the document

Letter To City Council – Issues Surrounding Communication Of Site Investigations

Morley Field RIDEM Land Use Restriction Matter, Gregor Communication 2 Council, 06.15.2022


Remedial Action Work Plan

RAWP - 94 Moshassuck Street Pawtucket RI (EXPRESS) Site Investigation


Letter To City Council – Purchase Of Angelica Property

C Gregor Option 2 Purchase Pettion


Councilman Gregor, as a young man, playing soccer at Morley Field


Pawtucket Residents In Support Of Acquisition Of  Purchase Of Angelica Property To Replace Morley Field

Morley Field Support Letter, LH (1)


Support Letters, L. Tavares n M. Gilmete



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