BLM RI PAC Statement on the Rhode Island Cannabis Act

The proposed Rhode Island Cannabis Act (SB #2430 and HB #7593) is an important step toward cannabis legalization, and we are happy to see that the immediate expungement of cannabis-related charges has been included, as well as the prioritization of those who have been directly affected by the failed War on Drugs. It is essential that we do not repeat the same mistakes other states have in their legalization processes. This piece of legislation is one vital step in reforming our criminal justice system, doing away with the failed War on Drugs, and rebuilding trust in Black and Brown communities.


BLM RI PAC is in support of the Rhode Island Cannabis Act, and we’re pleased with Senator Joshua Miller and Representative Scott Slater for taking this important step in ensuring that the legalization of marijuana is an equitable process for all Rhode Islanders–specifically in Black and Brown communities.


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