Today the RCC Chair again spoke out on the aftermath of the tragic event. Ms. Holmes-Brackett took note of legislation being filed in the US House and Senate to officially designate any MAGA themed organized action as Domestic Terrorism. “According to DC Journalist, Paul Sperry, Senator Durbin and Representative Schneider will introduce legislation to direct the Department of Justice to regard all ‘Make America Great Again’ rallies as domestic terrorist activity.” She reported.
Barbara Holmes-Brackett’s point is that outlawing a title does not prevent cumulative frustrations from prompting bad behavior. During the Obama Administration the name Tea Party virtually guaranteed its users adverse IRS Attention. So the popular titles changed to Patriot this or Liberty that. “Senator Dick Durban is a longtime member of the chamber with many Bi-Partisan bone fides to his credit.” Holmes-Bracket observed. “In light of that record I can’t believe he thinks this insult by Act of Congress is anything other than a punitive schoolyard taunt hurled by adults with legislative majorities.” 
In concluding her prepared remarks the RCC Chair reminded her audience that the President-Elect continually talks about unifying America rather than further dividing the Nation. “This is a moment for lowering the temperature of a country in conflict.” Holmes-Brackett said. “It is not one for partisan games of King-of-the-Hill.” Barbara Holmes-Brackett has publicly called for this inflammatory resolution to be withdrawn so the Congress can set about the task of assisting the new President in healing his hypertensive constituents on both sides of the aisle.
The Republican Conservative Caucus is an arm of the Rhode Island Republican Party. The RCC concerns itself with identifying, recruiting, and supporting State Legislative Candidates and with speaking out on issues which threaten individual choice by imposing collective requirements. Learn more on Facebook at RI Republican Conservative Caucus.


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